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China Business Visa




  1. You must submit your original U.S. passport with your application.

  2. You must sign your passport.

  3. You must follow our detailed instructions on filling out the application. 

***Failure to do so will cause a delay in our processing of your visa.***

The Required Documents We Need From You

All of the following documents need to be in-hand when visiting our office.

  • ORIGINAL U.S. PASSPORT with 2 blank pages and 6 months remaining validity from date of travel.  The Visa is affixed inside the Passport so the original Passport is required.  The Passport must be signed by the person named in the Passport.  If a minor, the minor can sign or a parent can print the minor's name and then "signed by" + your signature.

  • THREE (3) copies of your application, filled out online following our example application

  • THREE (3) copies of your driver's license 

  • THREE (3) copies of your hotel confirmation 

  • THREE (3) copies of your airline reservations must show travel to and from China, not Hong Kong 

  • ONE (1) passport photo no glasses, must be able to see ears,  NO SMILE

  • Company Letter of Guarantee (see example below)

  • Copy of Invitation Letter from Chinese Government, Corporation or Company and issued by Chinese agency. If the invitation is not issued by a Chinese agency you will need the following on the letter:

  1. Name, Gender, Date of Birth of 'INVITER'.

  2. Information about the purpose of the trip, the relationship between the 'INVITER' and Applicant, Dates of Arrival, Dates of Departure, Places  to Visit, Places and Address of Place to Stay.

  3. Who will bear the cost of the Applicants Accommodations in China, information from the 'INVITER' including Name, Address and Company Seal.

  4. The City of the inviting Company. City must match the City of the Hotel of the Applicant.

  5. Copies of previous Visas and Passports with those Visas.

  6. Your invitation must be Address to the Consulate of your jurisdiction.

Don't worry, we're going to walk you through it right now...

Step 1.

Call us at 210-375-7525  

We'll have a quick conversation to learn about your request and then schedule an appointment with you for the next available opening.  The next step is to get your paperwork together...

Step 2.

Print this checklist so you don't miss anything.  

Check off each item as you collect them. You'll also need to bring the checklist in during your appointment so keep it and all your documents together.  We suggest getting a folder.

Step 3. 

Complete These Online Forms

China Visa Application

Complete the online form below.  Print three copies for your appointment.

We suggest opening the sample version as a guide to make sure everything is filled out.  If we have to fill it out during the appointment there may be an extra fee.

The application will take about 60-90 minutes to complete.

***Important information on filling out China Application.​***

  • All applicants must write a complete address that includes: Street, City, State, and Zip​ Code for any question that requests an address.

  • Please complete each question or select N/A

  • For question about employment:

    • Please type response in reverse Chorological order (2023-2013).

    • For current employment, put the ending date as the date you completed application.​​

    • Please type at minimum the last 10 years of employment.

  • For question about education​

    • Please type employment in reverse Chronological order​. Starting with university and ending with High School.

      • High School and non- declared major studies, you may use "General Studies" for "major.

  • Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge.

    • If you do not know the answer to a particular question, please use your best estimated guess rather than leaving the question "blank."


Company Letter of Guarantee
Download this example and modify to your specific trip. 

Step 4. 

Collect The Remaining Documents

Use your printed checklist to collect the additional documents that are needed. Again it's critical that all of the documents, including the necessary number of copies are collected prior to your appointment.

We'd suggest keeping all documents in a folder with the checklist at the top.

If you have questions about any of the documents, please call us at 210-375-7525.

Step 5. 

Call us at 210-375-7525

Double check everything on your checklist and if it's all there, call us to confirm that you have all documents.  We'll reconfirm our appointment with you once more. 

Visa Fees

China Consulate fee non expedited     $185

China Consulate fee expedited             $220

Global Passport Express China visa fee non expedited      $300

Global Passport Express China visa fee expedited fee        $350

(Price includes shipping to/from Embassy)

Optional Fees

Application assistance   $35.00

Debit/Credit card fee       3%

(cash checks and money orders are gladly accepted)

Global Passport Express provides services on behalf of our clients and is not a government agency.

The fees for services provided by Global Passport Express are charged to the client upfront. These fees are not based on whether the various government entities that we work with approve or decline your application.

Global Passport Express is not responsible for and has no control over delays caused by any government agency and/or mail delivery service or any other third party that is used in the process. This includes errors and/or omissions by the client on any of the required documents that are required.

Fees and timeframes are subject to change without notice and are beyond the control of Global Passport Express.  These are the most accurate fees and timeframes available to us at this time. 

It is critical that all the steps above are followed in order to ensure a smooth process and avoid as many delays as possible with the government agencies that we work with.

Some common issues that cost you more time and money are:

  • Incomplete Applications (missing info, missing signatures, etc.)

  • Missing/Inaccurate Identification Documents

  • Not enough copies of needed documents

Again, please follow all steps outlined above.

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