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Child Passport
5-7 Day Service

For ages 15 and under

Global Passport Express specializes in expediting Passports and Visas for our clients. 


We can help you if:


  • You have a departure date within 14 days.

  • You have a departure date within 28 days and you need a visa.

The Required Documents We Need From You

  • Three (3) copies of completed online application Form DS-11. Do not sign until advised by the acceptance agent.

  • Original certified copy of the U.S. state-issued birth certificate from the state where you were born or original naturalization certificate.


If you were born in TEXAS or CALIFORNIA, you must submit a long-form birth certificate. A short-form or abstract form will not be acceptable.

  • Two (2) copies (front and back) of both parents’ drivers licenses or two (2) copies of both parent’s passports. Originals will need to be shown to the Acceptance Agent at the time of submission.

  • Two (2) 2x2 Passport photos (no glasses, no headwear)

  • Two (2) copies of your signed letter of authorization. Place child’s full name on the top and both parent’s signatures at the bottom.

  • One (1) document showing proof of departure. Any of the following documents:

• Airline ticket/Flight confirmation 

• Letter stating information for the private jet

• Cruise line ticket
• Letter stating that you are driving to your destination

  • You will need two separate payments, one to the U.S. Department of State and one to the Acceptance Agent. 


Passport Book Only - $179.53 (Check or money order. Include applicant's full name and date of birth in memo line. Make payable to U.S. Department of State.)




Passport Book and Card - $194.53 (Check or money order. Include applicant's full name and date of birth in memo line. Make payable to U.S. Department of State.)

(The Passport Card is not valid for international air travel. The Passport Book is required for international air travel, you cannot travel with the Passport Card alone.)


Acceptance Agent - $35.00 (Card, cash, or money order. Name to be determined on day of visit.)

  • If one parent on the birth certificate is not available, please have them complete the online form DS-3053. It must be notarized.

It must accompany two (2) copies (front and back) of the parents’ driver's license or U.S. passport.

Please make sure Notary fills it out correctly and in black ink. 

Please Call 210-375-7525 for current fees and available discounts. 

Global Passport Express Fee

Don't worry, we're going to walk you through it right now...

Step 1.

Call us at 210-375-7525  

We'll have a quick conversation to learn about your request and then schedule an appointment with you for the next available opening. The next step is to get your paperwork together...

Step 2.
Print this checklist so you don't miss anything.  

Step 3. 

Complete these documents.

Form DS-11

Complete the online form below.  Print (3) three copies for your appointment. Please do not print 2-Sided pages. The application must be printed on separate pages. 

We suggest opening the sample version as a guide to make sure everything is filled out. 



Letter of Authorization

Print one copy, complete and sign it.  We'll need the original signed letter, no photocopies please. 


Form DS-3053

Complete only if one parent on the birth certificate is not available, please have them complete. It must accompany two (2) copies (front and back) of the parents’ driver's license or their passport. It must be notarized. Please make sure Notary fills it out correctly and in black ink. 


Step 4. 

Collect The Remaining Documents

Use your printed checklist to collect the additional documents that are needed.

If you have any questions, please call us at 210-375-7525.

Global Passport Express provides services on behalf of our clients and is not a government agency.

The fees for services provided by Global Passport Express are charged to the client upfront. These fees are not based on whether the various government entities that we work with approve or decline your application.

Global Passport Express is not responsible for and has no control over delays caused by any government agency and/or mail delivery service or any other third party that is used in the process. This includes errors and/or omissions by the client on any of the required documents that are required.

Fees and timeframes are subject to change without notice and are beyond the control of Global Passport Express.  These are the most accurate fees and timeframes available to us at this time. 


It is critical that all the steps above are followed in order to ensure a smooth process and avoid as many delays as possible with the government agencies that we work with.

Some common issues that cost you more time and money are:

  • Incomplete Applications (missing info, missing signatures, etc.)

  • Missing/Inaccurate Identification Documents

  • Notarized incorrectly or not at all.

Example of a Completed Application

Anchor 1

Some things to think about and consider as you are filling out your passport application:

Always check the Privacy Statement boxes. Check Passport book (You have the option to choose the Large Book (52 pages) rather than the Standard (28 pages) for the same price. Expedited at agency service. 1-2 Day delivery. Do not check the file search. 

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