Services & Fees

Global Passport Express provides services on behalf of our clients and is not a government agency.

The fees for services provided by Global Passport Express are charged to the client upfront. These fees are not based on whether the various government entities that we work with approve or decline your application.

Global Passport Express is not responsible for and has no control over delays caused by any government agency and/or mail delivery service or any other third party that is used in the process. This includes errors and/or omissions by the client on any of the required documents that are required.

Embassy/Consulate fees and timeframes are subject to change without notice and are beyond the control of Global Passport Express.  These are the most accurate fees and timeframes available to us at this time.  If there are any changes, we will advise our clients upfront during the initial conversation.

Passport Services

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China Visa - Tourist and Business

10 Year Multiple-Entry Visa for Tourists
1 Year Multiple-Entry Visa for Business
Prices do not include Fedex Overnight fees.
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Brazil Visa - Tourist and Business

10 Year Multiple-Entry Visa
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Russia Visa - Tourist

30 Day Single-Entry Visa
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India Visa - Tourist and Business

10 Year Multiple-Entry Visa
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Need a visa for a country not listed above?

We provide Visa services to many other countries including but not limited to Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.  Call us at 210-375-7525 so we can discuss your specific situation.

Notary Service - Available in Texas Only

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Federal Express Delivery

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