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The Australia ETA (Evisa) must be applied through the Australia IOS or Android mobile APP.


China is currently processing all visas (March 15, 2023.) Please click the links below for more info. If your tourist visa was issued prior to 2020, and is still valid, you may use it to enter China without the need to apply for a new visa.


Visa requirements and details for India. India offers Visas for Tourists and Business. Please choose the appropriate file to download and complete.

For E-visa option, please click on the E-visa link below.

E-visas for India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Click the button below for our webpage dedicated to E-visas for India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos


Africa is a continent with varied requirements for each country. Most require six months to one year validity on your passport from the day you depart the US. Some countries in Africa require immunizations and or a visa to enter them. Please contact us for further details and questions. We unfortunately do not assist with Nigerian visas.

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