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Global Passport Express is San Antonio’s leading Visa and Passport processing agency, specializing in expedited passports and visas for international travel.  We are family-owned and operated in San Antonio, TX.        

About US

Bridget Harris had always had a passion for travel. From an early age, she would visit travel agencies and imagine herself traveling the world.

After graduating high school in southern California, she decided to join the United States Air Force. Bridget proudly served the country she loves four years. It was the Air Force that brought her to the Alamo City, where she has resided ever since.

Shortly after the birth of her first son, Bridget had the opportunity to fulfil her dream and become a travel agent. It was her passion to help her clients make their travel dreams a reality.

In 2008 she had the opportunity to purchase Global Passport Express, a passport and visa company she herself had used many times.

In 2021 Bridget was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. She fought for every second of life until she finally passed away Aug 16, 2022. She will be greatly missed.

Her oldest son Brent who has worked for the company since 2011 has resumed the leadership as owner of Global Passports. In addition to working for the company, he has traveled to almost 20 different countries and/or territories and has extensive travel knowledge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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